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FERTILITY - This bundle was special to create 💕 

For as long as I can remember I couldn't wait to be a Mum, at 27 I had my now 4 year old. From the age of 19-27 I wasn't on any contraception and felt this empty feeling inside of me that I was infertile. At the age of 25 I felt this feeling even stronger. We saw specialists applied for IVF and tracked my cycle. Nothing worked. Until - I experienced Mirimiri (massage) for the first time. I had a romiromi massage focusing on my abdominal area. What is this? Were my thoughts. I felt a sense of warmth, life and calmness. I was pregnant with my daughter the following month. After phoning back to the lady who gave me a mirimiri and asking what she did - she simply replied that my abdomen area was dormant and needed to be re-awoken. It blew my mind! After 5 years of contraception (14-19) my body shut down and remained in a state of being used to having contraception. 

This bundle was created to support women in a natural approach to Fertility. Each woman is unique and their bodies react differently. We have combined essential oils used to enhance your chances of pregnancy within this bundle.

Best time to set this up? Each time you are ovulating and looking to conceive. 

Bathe in a cap full of our FERTILITY salts, place your Rainbow Moonstone Crystal on your bedside table. Roll our FERTILITY blend on your wrists and collar - Lastly light your FERTILITY Candle to enhance your atmosphere 💕

Believe in your JOURNEY, in your BODY and in YOURSELF - Ash xx

*Clary Sage, Geranium, Bergamont, Lavender and Fennel Essential Oils*

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