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LOVE ME - Self Love/Postpartum can be tricky to juggle when you are an adult, a young Mum, a first time Mum or any stage in life. 

Woman - especially after birth when exhaustion, lack of nutrition and mental health are present tend to forget about themselves - I speak from experience. 

Our LOVE ME. Bundle is perfect for a pick me up, to feel a sense of self love and worthiness, to have time for you 💕 - you deserve it!!

Lets set the scene.....

Run yourself a hot bath and add a cap full of LOVE ME salts, light your candle with the scent of being at a Day spa (without actually leaving your house), place your beautiful piece of Rose Quartz in the bathroom with you to radiate love, bring contentment and calmness to your atmosphere. Lastly once you have enjoyed your soak - apply your LOVE ME roller blend to your wrists/collar and take your experience with you throughout the day 💕

Ladies - we deserve this time, take it, enjoy it! You are amazing x

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