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Organic cotton Umbilical cord tie - Rose Quartz

Organic cotton Umbilical cord tie - Rose Quartz

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This Umbilical cord tie is handmade using natural organic cotton. It is a comfortable, light, eco-friendly alternative to plastic cord clamps. 

Steralisation - If you choose to steralise your cord tie it can be boiled in water for 10minutes, then once dry, placed in a sterile container until your bundle of joy arrives. 

Application - Holding the cord tie across the umbilical cord with the stone on the right, wrap around the umbilical cord twice and secure with a double knot. Secure again with a single knot. If you have an tie that's long hanging over you can tie a knot and trim. 

For a tutorial on how to use you can also youtube "How to tie a cotton umbilical cord tie - by umbilical cord ties NZ".

These are such a beautiful alternative to the plastic clamps 🌱

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